Change of release procedures

Rolling deployment

Rather than delivering all updates to all customers at the same time, releases will be released over a 3-weeks window.
The advantage of a rolling deployment is that we optimize the use of our support department as we distribute users’ questions over a longer period.
For the upcoming Q2 Release, this means that we, instead of delivering all updates for all Tuesday, June 4, instead roll out the release over a window of 3 weeks – for the Q2 release it will be from June 18th to July 9th.
In the Q2 release we will begin to stamp the version number in Microbizz. The version number indicates the quarter and year of the update you are using and will be visible on the login screen and discreetly next to the text “Powered by Microbizz” in the system.
If you need further information, you must finally contact our support at +45 70 23 53 23 or by email to