Microbizz speed optimization for grid / list views

Since the latest release, there have been some challenges with the speed of Microbizz in connection with list and grid view.

This is to inform about some changes we have made that optimize the speed of the system.

Grid rows / height & “Auto search”

By defining that the size of the grid view is set to not fill an entire page, we have been able to optimize the speed. At the same time, we have decided that the function “Auto search” will return.

The grid view rows have been optimized so that we now have the options: 25, 50, 100 and ALL.

SD Ny1

Mark all

At the same time, we have chosen to introduce a new way of marking objects in Microbizz.

There is no longer a checkmark, but a “marking option”. This is done by marking “Select all”. It is now also possible to mark individual objects. (See video)

Hold Shift on your keyboard and drag slowly to mark more at once

Also, the number of items selected is now displayed.

SD ny

These measures will positively affect the speed of Microbizz.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our support at support@microbizz.dk or on telephone 7023 5323.