Support contracts

As a Microbizz customer, you may need support provided by Microbizz Service Desk. Here, staff who are thoroughly trained in Microbizz are ready to receive inquiries from Microbizz users.

All Microbizz users are free to contact our support via email or through Ventu’s extranet. Here you can ask all types of support questions.

If you wish to make use of telephone support, it is possible to enter into an extended support agreement or be settled on time.


Support contracts

The basic contract:

Service Desk is Ventus single point-of-contact (SPOC). The central point of contact between Ventu and Ventu’s customers, and in particular Microbizz support contacts.

Extended contract:

The Service Desk is also the focal point for handling Microbizz related incidents (disruptions or potential disruptions in service or quality availability) and for service requests (change requests, course bookings and consultancy orders).

Settled by time consumption:

If you do not want an extended support agreement, but to make use of telephone support, the time for telephone support will be settled according to time spent.


Support Contacts

As a Microbizz customer, you must have designated 1 – or preferably 2 – support contacts. As a support contact, you are trained to carry out daily support tasks in your company with special focus on troubleshooting and qualifying inquiries, which will be forwarded to Microbizz Service Desk. If you want additional support contacts it can be purchased.


What does support cover?

Support covers self-help support and help with how to use implemented workflow features and help carry out the support contact function.

Support is not

  • Teaching, assistance in changing / implementing workflows, ordering to get work done or error messages.
  • Questions that clearly indicate that the support contact does not understand the workflow or support functionality of Microbizz. Here we will be followed up with offers of teaching.


  • Support is help with why a schedule does not do as expected.
  • Support is not teaching how to make schedules from scratch.

Overview of support contracts

Contract Contact options Type Price
Hypercare Unlimited contact by phone, mail and/or extranet via support contacts. Covered by the collaboration agreement. 0 kr.
Extended support contract Unlimited contact by phone, mail and/or extranet via support contacts. Support subscription. 1.850 kr./month*
Basic support contract Unlimited contact via mail and / or extranet via support contacts. Contact via telephone is not included in the agreement. Covered by the collaboration agreement. 0 kr.
Time Billing Contact via telephone, mail and / or extranet. The company is billed for time spent by contacting the Service Desk if the company is not in Hypercare or is covered by an extended support agreement. Time billing 950 kr./hour**

*)  All prices are excl. VAT

**) Rounded up to the nearest 30 min.


Contact to Microbizz Servicedesk

Inquiries to Microbizz Service Desk can be made by mail, extranet or telephone.

Ventu Extranet:


Phone: +45 7023 5323 – Option 2


At – you can get a complete description of our support offerings, contact options, training of support contacts, contact types etc.



Inquiries regarding errors are received in all cases – regardless of the support agreement the company has with Ventu – and are of course free of charge. See the definition of the term “error” (events) at