System updates

Every quarter a new system update of Microbizz is released. There will be focus on test and stability of the update before it reaches the user. This will also apply to updates to the APP.


June 2020

Change requests 1. Update filters in the equipment module It is now possible to use your update filters in the equipment module search page. 2. Addition to the message system We are constantly working to improve the messaging system and this update includes the following improvements: It is now possible to send a message to […]

March 2020

Release Notes Q1 2020 The first system update of the year, focusing on increased usability and the addition of new functionality. The update includes easier addition of product use with a new shopping basket function, the possibility of map view and task creation from the equipment list, improvement of the Gantt map in the planning module, increased […]

December 2019

Release Notes Q4 2019 The last system update in 2019 including a new message system and an improved note system, which enables you to receive notes and send note replies by mail. The tooltip feature is also upgraded as well as improved.  In addition, we have corrected errors and added new functionality based on the wishes and needs we continuously […]

September 2019

System changes Reopening tasks from EDI It is now possible to decide which status a task should reopen with, assuming EDI lines are being allocated to a closed task. You can find the new setting under INVOICES -> SETTINGS -> EDI   Awaiting invoicing We have added the filter option ‘Awaiting invoicing’ so that you […]

June 2019

Invoicing Register sales price setting: When time is registered in the system, the cost price of the workarea is calculated and saved at the time of creation. The sales price has until now been registered at the time of invoicing. As seen in the picture, there is now a setting in the <INVOICES/LINE EXTRACTION> menu, […]

March 2019

Release notes Q1 2019 With the Q1 2019 release of Microbizz scheduled for the night before Tuesday March 5, we will describe the features being introduced in this version here.   Release Notes quick guide   Status and working areas: It is now possible to limit the number of statuses you can choose when a […]

December 2018

Release note Q4 2018 With the Q4 2018 release of Microbizz scheduled for the evening of Tuesday December 11, we will describe the features being introduced in this version here. EOL – coverage rate on invoice An EOL (End-Of-Life) announcement concerning functionalities being removed from the Microbizz system. We will be announcing that, after the […]

September 2018

Release note Q3 2018 With the Q3-2018 release of Microbizz scheduled for Tuesday 4 September, the functions being introduced in this version are described below.   Automatic registration of leave It is now possible to get the system to register leave automatically via the built-in account system. To use this function, you have to set […]

June 2018

Release notes – Q2 2018 We are now approaching the Q2-2018 release of Microbizz, which takes place in the early hours of Wednesday 6 June due to 5 June being a national Danish holiday, Constitution Day. We are aware that our Q1 release unfortunately created confusion in many of our customers. Many of the system […]

March 2018

Release notes – Q1 2018 App We have corrected an error that meant that the app did not generally select the standard product line status when you added a product. The method of reading notes has been improved. The note can now be read in full without having to leave the note list. You press […]