June 2018


    Release notes – Q2 2018

    We are now approaching the Q2-2018 release of Microbizz, which takes place in the early hours of Wednesday 6 June due to 5 June being a national Danish holiday, Constitution Day.

    We are aware that our Q1 release unfortunately created confusion in many of our customers. Many of the system changes in the latest release were very significant and also very central. We have now introduced a new, monitored procedure for the introduction of similar system changes in the future, which shall ensure a much smoother process when taking new functionalities into use among our customers. This means, among other things, that:

    • All new, notable system changes are introduced in a beta program which you can actively choose to take into use. This means that you can become familiar with the new functions at your own pace.
    • Existing functionality is not taken out of operation in the same release as the introduction of such a beta program. This means that you can always return to a familiar screen image should you encounter challenges or require additional information about the new system changes.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the previous release among our customers, which is especially regrettable in light of the generally positive feedback we have received on the new functionality since it has been rolled out within the companies.

    In the Q2 release of Microbizz we have expanded our GDPR functionality, based partly on feedback from our customers during the period since the last release, as well as at our GDPR seminar. We have also enabled the opportunity to change how public holidays are managed as repetitions and have changed the email address we use to send emails out from.

    Besides this, the release includes the usual bug fixes and minor system improvements, which are listed below.


    One of the things we have received feedback on is that it should be easier to collect consent for data processing via Microbizz. Although it is possible to build this functionality using forms and mail sendouts, we have decided to build a dedicated functionality which everyone can use, and which automates the process as much as possible.

    We have thus made it possible to formulate your general GDPR text explaining which data you collect as well as how you process the data directly in Microbizz, as well as being able to note whether you wish to send this text out to your users, persons or CRM objects, or a combination of these.

    Microbizz thus handles the sending of an email requesting an acceptance of the data processing and registers who has accepted.

    A version management has also been built in so that you can regularly update the text, and Microbizz will then ensure a request for confirmation of the new texts in all the places where it has been selected.

    We send out a link to a video guide for using this function a couple of days prior to our release.

    Besides this, we have also chosen to broaden the personal data functions for the user module and have added additional anonymisation functions, including the deletion of emails parallel to anonymisation.

    Repetitions of public holidays

    It has previously been possible to indicate on a repetition that this will not occur if it falls on a public holiday, which was achieved simply by skipping the repetition.

    However, it was not desirable for some of our customers who e.g. had monthly tasks, where skipping an entire month was not okay.

    We have therefore introduced a setting so that you can choose a different approach. This approach selects the first non-holiday rather than skipping the repetition completely.

    This can be added in settings in the work plan module.



    New sender on emails

    In order to be able to detect whether emails reach the receiver, we have to send these from an @microbizz.dk email address. Up until today, we have used the address bounce@microbizz.dk, but from this update we will be changing the address to no-reply@microbizz.dk, as studies have shown that the former address has a greater likelihood of being mistaken as spam compared to the latter.

    If you have email rules for your inbox which react to these email addresses, you must therefore ensure that these are updated in connection with the new release.



    • It is now possible to search on task numbers on the extranet.
    • It is now possible to remove pictures from pages without having to post up a new picture.
    • You can now request the extranet to remember your login.


    • We have corrected an error which meant that reminders of deadlines on tasks were still triggered even if the task had been closed.


    • We have corrected an error which meant that it was not possible to enter a markup of 0% in a budget field.
    • It is now possible to import all types of repeat tasks via an import filter.
    • If you enter several users in a repetition on a repeated, fixed task, they will now all be displayed in a visualisation of the repetition.
    • If an email is sent out to a subcontractor, which also has a login to the extranet, a link to the extranet will now be shown in the email.
    • We have corrected an error where fixed price tasks did not disappear from the list even though you had clicked on “do not invoice”.
    • We have corrected an error which meant that you could not see the field “requisition” if you did not have permission to see the task’s key figures.


    • It is now possible to scan NFC tags with iOS. Due to limitations in the operating system, you have to select the NFC icon in the app before you can scan a tag.
    • It is now possible to select what you would like stamped on pictures in the app, including date and GPS position. This is done under app in the set-up module.


    • It is now possible to give an address on appointments that are held “here”. This is done under settings in the calendar module.
    • The exchange synchronisation has been significantly upgraded in terms of performance.


    • Additional fields in the sales module can now be made searchable.


    • We have corrected an error which meant that users who did not have access to CRM still had access in the app (even if they could not see the attached companies)


    • It is now considerably easier to drag on appointments in order to make them longer/shorter.
    • The calendar will now display a warning if you attempt to set up an appointment outside of a user’s normal working hours.


    • We have adjusted the screen display regarding the creation of PDF files to make it easier to understand.


    • It is now possible to indicate in an integration in regard to payment of EDIs whether you wish to use the information given by the customer rather than that provided in the EDI invoice. This is done under set-up of integration.


    • We have corrected an error which meant that the policies for invoicing and EDI were mixed up.

    Basic system

    • We have corrected an error which meant that a user could see more modules than they had access to. This access was however blocked if they attempted to click on them.
    • It is now possible to search with multi-marking type fields.


    • It is now possible to select which mode the timesheet should be left in when using automatic time registration. Open, closed or closed-approved. This is done under settings for the hours module.

    Start page

    • It is now possible to write your own help texts on the front page boxes in the system. This is done by clicking on the pencil and selecting help text. A small help icon will then appear displaying the text you have written.
    • We have corrected an error which meant that not all the boxes could be placed on the front page if you were not a team leader for at least one team (even if you were an administrator)


    • We have corrected an error which meant that the “reactivate” button was shown for active users.


    • It is now possible to search using filters in the person module and also possible to represent such a search on the front page. There has also been a “latest” menu added to the person module.