September 2019


    System changes

    Reopening tasks from EDI

    It is now possible to decide which status a task should reopen with, assuming EDI lines are being allocated to a closed task.

    You can find the new setting under INVOICES -> SETTINGS -> EDI


    Awaiting invoicing

    We have added the filter option ‘Awaiting invoicing’ so that you can design your own task filters with tasks that could potentially include some invoicing.


    Multi-sending of PDFs

    We have expanded ‘Save as PDF’ so that it is also accessible from the task search, which makes it possible to multi-send PDFs. The new setting is called ‘Email PDF’ and is found by highlighting on ‘Tasks’ and selecting the ‘Switch’ button.


    Expansion of text boxes

    We have expanded the text boxes ‘Text 1’ and ‘Text 2’ with the creation/editing of an invoice.



    We have introduced the option of stopping SLA with change of status.

    The new option is located in the SLA menu and going to a specific SLA.


    Display of plan colours in ‘planning’

    We have introduced the option of having the registration type’s colour/name in the planning image.

    This can be activated by going to the general settings in the PLAN module and selecting ‘Show plan colours in planning’


    New interface for Proløn

    From 31 August 2019, PROLØN will start using a new interface, which we have adjusted so that integration continues to function smoothly.


    Expansion of competencies

    We have worked on competencies in the system and introduced the following:

    • New screenshot, which is found under the USER module and provides a clear overview of which competencies the employees have.
    • When setting up competencies, the system can now support numerical ranges as opposed to a simple indication.
    • Colour of competencies.


    Automatic document attachment to invoices

    We have launched a new document attachment system that automatically attaches all types of files to your invoice.


    Active plan module on the start page

    We have expanded the PLAN module on the start pages to make it possible to carry out changes to plan registrations directly via the start page.

    This is activated by editing the content and ticking the box marked ‘Allow editing’


    Display in the plan module

    We have adjusted the display in the PLAN module to take into account the option of longer periods.


    Temporary journal no.

    By using our PROFORMA integration it is now possible to configure temporary journal numbers, which are replaced by a correct invoice number when added to the accounts.


    Global search display

    We have introduced a new display option in the global search.

    This can be activated in the SETTINGS module -> Settings -> Global search -> ‘Show results in double width’


    Company name in the subcontractor email

    When sending out emails to subcontractors, the company’s name is not included in the section ‘Invoicing address’. There has been expanded so it will now be included.


    Planning in the calendar module

    When a task is being planned, this will be reflected in the calendar module.

    If a user deleted this scheduled appointment, it would also mean that the planning would also be deleted. We have adjusted this so it is no longer possible if the user does not have access to delete the planning.


    Closed status in a subcontractor email

    While there has previously been an option to select closed statuses at the end of a subcontractor email, this has not been respected.

    We have now adjusted Microbizz to allow closed tasks via the sent out subcontractor email.


    Creation of task via form + reminder

    If you create tasks via a form that is based on a task template with a contact person included and with a corresponding reminder that is sent out as an email, then there is a risk that this email will not be sent, if Microbizz does not process it in the correct order. This has now been adjusted.


    Bug & fixes

    File sync and changing file names

    We have corrected an error that meant that folders given names in Microbizz could not be recognised by that name by the file sync client.


    Daily timesheets approved automatically

    We have corrected an error that meant that Microbizz approved daily timesheets even if they were not configured.


    Import of main groupings

    We have corrected an error that meant it was not possible to import main grouping + standard grouping correctly.


    Exceptions from repeats

    The new Exchange integration can now handle exceptions from Exchange. This means that should a repeat calendar appointment be found in both Microbizz and Exchange, a user can delete or move an individual appointment, which will now be covered by both systems.


    Removal of 0 lines in the activity log

    If you used the setting ‘Unless the field below is highlighted, all invoice lines on 0 will be ignored’, the activity log would show an invoice, even when there wasn’t one. This has now been corrected so that the activity log displays correctly.


    Error in import of payment terms (outgoing)

    We have corrected an error that meant that it was only possible to import (outgoing) payment terms if you knew the ID. Imports can now be done using the name only.


    App skips updates

    We have corrected an error in the app that sometimes meant that tasks which were not up-to-date were not updated. The result often being that outdated information was displayed and the task status was white.


    Display of other members

    We have corrected an error that meant you could only see whether the selected users for a scheduled appointment were available on the selected dates if you were in the same team.


    Regular schedules

    Via a data execution [admin] we have made it possible to synchronise regular schedules down to the app, as opposed to previously when it was necessary to reconfigure the app.

    New note system

    Over the latest quarters, we have worked on an upgrade to our note system. This is a feature that is much used by our customers, and which is essential for those who work every day with Microbizz.

    This made it an obvious place for us to focus on.

    The essence of the feature is that a note is always attached to an object. Basically, notes function in the same way as they did before, just with expanded features.

    A. New note:



    When you click on ‘New note’, you will see an updated window with various options.

    As each new note is the start of a thread, it is possible to give it a title.

    Besides selecting a ‘Tag’, if desired, you write the note text itself.

    You will notice here that not only is it possible to give the text more structure by using the text features in the bar at the top, but you can also embed and attach files.

    These additional features are especially relevant because the note itself is subsequently sent as an email to the subscribers who are added to it.

    B. Subscriptions:


    As you can see in the screenshot, it is now possible to determine which recipients the note should have.

    In the current version it is the task’s subscribers who received the note, which meant that making changes in the recipients required an edit to the task itself.

    In the future the note will suggest the task’s subscribers, with the opportunity however to change it directly when creating the note.

    C. Reply:


    When a note is answered, the hierarchy is clearly visible as the reply will be pushed to the side.

    Replies are made either by clicking on the ‘Reply’ icon or by replying to the email that is sent by the system to the subscribers.

    You can see how this email will look below. As can be seen in the top line, you have to click on ‘Reply’ directly from the email program and the response will automatically become a reply to the note, just like the one set up directly in Microbizz.


    D. Additional info:

    Sending externally:

    If a thread is shown on the extranet/sent to external persons, this will be represented by a green line.



    Recipients of the notes can be seen via the two dedicated icons, with a counter corresponding to the number of recipients. Orange icon for internal users and a purple icon for external recipients.



    At the right side of a note you can see a dot that is either purple or grey.

    • Purple = Unread
    • Grey = Read

    You read a note either by clicking on the dot or by interacting with it some other way.


    Show all replies and enlarge the note:

    If there is more than one reply in a thread, there will be a button to fold out the ‘hidden’ replies.

    If a note/reply is long, there will be a similar button to fold it out.

    E. Notifications:


    The new note system removes the option of sending a note as a message. Instead, users are notified via a notification system.

    Each time a note or a reply is written and assuming the active user is also a subscriber on the note, then a new notification will be created.

    This is accessed by clicking on the bell icon at the top of Microbizz.

    Ventu’s plan with the notification system is to centralise the information that a user receives, either from other users or from the system.

    The first version of the notification system will focus on notes only.

    More notifications will be added regularly.

    2.  Launch

    The new note system has been through Alpha and Beta phases, where both Ventu and selected customers have tested the feature, leading to some amendments.

    For the coming Q3 release we will begin a Release Candidate (RC) phase where the feature will be made accessible for all customers, meaning that if you are interested in using this feature as a replacement for the current note system, Ventu’s support can activate it for you.

    In this case, you can contact Support on +45 7023 5323 or by email to

    This new feature will replace the previous note feature at the Q4 release in December.


    New message system

    As a link in the upgrading of our communication platform, one of our focus areas has been our messaging system.

    Messages sent between employees – both office users and app users.

    This feature has existed for a few years, but we have now upgraded its user-friendliness.

    The concept of the message communication is familiar from other systems, which users will be able to recognize in the Microbizz version.

    Message menu:


    The first thing you will notice it that there is a new note icon.

    This icon enables access to a list of messages. Also displayed is a counter with a figure corresponding to the number of unread messages.

    This ensures that you will not overlook important messages.

    By clicking on ‘New’ you are able to write a message and direct it towards one or more users.

    A message is received immediately by the recipients.

    Ongoing conversations (message threads):



    A discussion between users takes place in a window, as show here in the screenshot.

    The system keeps track of who is included in the conversation and who has read the sent messages, and also enables users to reply.

    This is done simply by writing a reply and clicking on ‘Enter’.
    If you would like to add a line break, this is done by clicking on ‘Shift + Enter’.



    The new messaging system has been through Alpha and Beta phases, where both Ventu and selected customers have tested the feature, leading to some amendments.

    For the coming Q3 release we will begin a Release Candidate (RC) phase where the feature will be made accessible for all customers, meaning that if you are interested in using this feature as a replacement for the current messaging system, Ventu’s support can activate it for you.

    In this case, you can contact Support on +45 7023 5323 or by email to

    This new feature will replace the previous message feature at the Q4 release in December.