General time registration on the APP has not changed so much. However, from this upload, a change made it generally easier to register time.

It is a matter of reducing the amount of individual check in and out that is made if one wants to register time for different things. For example, you have to check in and out just to make one-time registration. This could be done, for example, if you were to register driving, then you would check in and then out on the specific task once you had reached your destination.

Now it is possible to check in and out once and then there is an option to split the total registration into, for example, driving and general execution of the task.

To start with, just check out as normal.


Then it is possible to edit the registered time. This is done by ticking ‘Edit time’ and it will look like this:


It is now possible to change start time and end time, but the new one here is the possibility of making a new registration. This is done by pressing ‘New registration’ / ‘New registration’ and the user will receive another box for which time can be registered. See the following image for an example of how it could look:


A total of 11 minutes has been registered. It is stated here that the first 6 minutes were driving and then ‘New registration’ was clicked and the user was able to make another registration – in this case, a 5-minute registration as work.

If there is no more to be registered, just check out the task and the two registrations will now appear as two completely individual registrations on the assignment, as shown in the picture below.